August 8, 2021 by Avishek Pradhan, Marketing Manager at GO2automation

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The decision to change existing (manufacturing) processes is always a difficult one. There are so many different influencing factors that must be incorporated into decision–making – both strategically as well as operatively. The thinking and strategies that go along with the decision like automating processes are very crucial. All the way from budget planning, selecting technologies, and personnel management must be kept in mind while initiating such measures. Furthermore, it also must be ensured that the transition runs smoothly and well organized. To cover the scope of projects which are new to the given setup and affect multiple dimensions of the “as-is” status can be compared to exploring an unchartered territory with hardly any proper guide. This will eventually lead to bottlenecks that are bound to appear. Hence, it brings us to the first and most crucial step of any automation journey: Identifying the perfect partner(s).

Searching, connecting, and selecting business partners that are both technically and organizationally suitable to meet your expectations, is a different ball game altogether. Market research, analyzing huge data, and breaking it down to the key requirements involves time, money, and workforce. The challenge arises even more when the scope of the project is not 100% clear, and the potential of optimization measures is still in its ideation stage.

Why are the right automation business partners so crucial?

Every manufacturer should be interested in optimizing their (production) processes. Thus, to evaluate the integration of (new) technologies based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) becomes inevitable. Every project or type of service they require is based on the client’s individual expectations. Some would like to improve the processes such that the cost per produced part can be reduced or cycle times are optimized to get more out of the given manufacturing line. While others may need different services like conceptualization, feasibility studies, verification, or commissioning of ready to go designs. Point being made is, that projects in manufacturing are rarely straight forward, as requirements are broad across different process applications and production setups. Consequently, any adjustment has to be specifically tailored to each manufacturing layout, product, and application process at the same time. These challenges often push the SMEs away from the idea of optimizing their production site due to their restrained resources and a lack of access to suitable solutions and the related experts. There are no guided examples or predefined steps to achieving perfect automation, but a perfect automation partner will be the guide to your tailored automation goals. Therefore, the role of the right partner is key. Now the next big question arises: How to identify the “right” partner?


Connect with automation partners at GO2automation - requirements-oriented to your needs

At GO2automation, we connect manufacturers with technically and organizationally suitable automation partners and their portfolios - including solutions, technologies, and services. We call more than 300 listed companies our GO2partner. They are responsible for close to 1.000 listed products, services, and solutions. Jointly, we build a global knowledge and expert database of validated references.

Any visitor to GO2automation, including both manufacturers as well as automation specialists, are empowered to use our guided requirement specification to identify the best business partners for their individual demand. Whether it’s a business partner to lift a large project togehter or to identify the ideal general contractor for realizing the consecutive project. Here, users select among growing variety of pre-defined options and add custom criteria - like magnitude of project, type of service, KPIs looking to improve, etc. If the user is unsure of the scope of the project, GO2automation provides additional support to enable users to scope their ideas and get suitable expert recommendations. The network of GO2automation incorporates experienced consultancies and automation experts to jointly identify the biggest potential for the user’s expectations.

Additionally, there are other ways to find the perfect business partner, like browsing the database by region, by industry, and by manufacturing processes. This makes the journey of exploring the bandwidth of options and experts easy, intuitive, and fun. Out of our globally growing database, the AI based search finds project partners according to the provided preferences, expertise, certifications, validations, and much more.

Herein, the best part is that the searching, identifying, and connecting process is 100% free of charge, reliable, and faster than any other research option available. Once the user is connected to the best matches, they can contact, discuss, and define details independently of GO2automation. To know more about provided matches, users can visit the expert’s profile page and learn more about their validated industry experience, fields of expertise, certifications, project portfolio, etc., so that the connection between the two parties is as transparent and reliable as it can be. At GO2automation, our vision is to empower SMEs to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies and experienced manufacturing experts facilitating SMEs to connect with global automation leaders in a simple, effective, and reliable way. In doing so, we want to empower local manufacturing sites, boost sustainable production processes, and increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the plant and engineering industry.

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