July 13, 2021 by Avishek Pradhan, Marketing Manager at GO2automation

GO2automation offers everything you need for a perfect manufacturing automation


The manufacturing industry is diverse on one hand and the requirements are specific on the other. The final goal of optimizing processes by incorporating automation is a difficult decision to take owing to investment risk (both time and money) involved, also ensuring the transition phase is smooth. Big manufacturing players mostly are the first movers to embrace the innovation in automation field due their higher amount of available resource (money, workforce, connection, etc. Which leaves us with SMEs who are as much focused in optimizing processes as big players but are facing dilemma to take the leap of faith. The reason for calling the automation transformation a leap of faith for SMEs is because there is lack of automation industry information that connects with SMEs, absence of expert advice who could guide them in the early stage of ideation and planning and insufficient connection with key stakeholders (system integrators, consultant, product supplier, etc.). These unanswered questions hold back SME manufacturers from automation. But not anymore! GO2automation bridges this gap of uncertainties with a one stop portal including automation expert, system integrators, product suppliers and many more.

Digital Ecosystem for manufacturing automation- GO2automation

GO2automation offers everything a manufacturer requires to automate manufacturing process on a single online platform. Manufacturers can be aware and get inspired by industry news of the latest advancement in the field of automation. Once the manufacturer has an idea of the process, we connect them with the automation experts with the help of our AI powered KI based search, which ensures that the manufacturer get a perfect match in terms of selection of selectable criteria like status of the project, time span of the process, type of process, KPIs (key performance indicators) to be improved, etc. Once an ideation or planning (depending on the status of the project) has been confirmed, we help manufacturers to get connected with system integrators, product suppliers, software developers, IoT providers, etc., according to the requirement of the process.


The manufacturer always has options to choose from as we provide the best 3 options after our expert search. The best part is that these connections are 100% free of charge and non-binding. To increase transparency and trust, the manufacturer always has access to profile pages of all the solution providers in GO2automation platform. So now, manufacturer can easily search, compare, and decide with the help of information provided in individual pages like certification, field of expertise, project experience, downloadable CAD files, etc. Our services not only limit till sales, but also provide after sale services. Manufacturer can register their assets as well as get it insured at GO2automation.


GO2automation lives and breathes a vision to empower local manufacturers to automate their processes easily and have access to all facilities required to reach their goal. If you are looking to automate your manufacturing process, join us at www.GO2automation.de and get inspired!

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