May 26, 2021 by Avishek Pradhan, Marketing Manager at GO2automation

Digital ”exhibition” for manufacturing automation at 365 days a year


After the outbreak of COVID-19, the exhibition industry has been put to halt globally resulting in multi-billion-dollar loss.

The ecosystem of event organizers, exhibitors, and the enthusiasts has taken a toll and overall celebration of industry advancement is being thoroughly missed. On the hindsight, major players are turning onto digital platforms to conduct trade fairs and exhibitions. The concept of “Virtual or Digital Exhibition,” which has been a topic of discussions for some time but primarily remained a niche, has been accelerated due to the pandemic. Implementation and transformation of digitalization has numerous benefits like being cost effective, time saving, swift planning, and wider outreach for many businesses, especially SMEs. There has been put a lot of attention on the platform of sales, keeping the exhibitors at the core, disregarding the fact that the channel of sales is equally important: The visitors. Visitors are the ones who facilitate brand’s exposure by sharing, recommending or being a customer of solution or product.

Disadvantages of conventional trade fairs?

Exhibitor centric

We all appreciate automation advancement and are inquisitive about how the future might shape up. There is no doubt that the stars of the moment are the businesses exhibiting their latest inventions, but visitors do not have clarity regarding the length to which these inventions provide solutions. This is mainly because each visitor, who could be a potential customer, has a niche requirement in a niche business and providing customized solution instances for each visitor is infeasible.

Time constraint

Once the trade fair period is over, interaction between the exhibitor and visitor is less, which means extensive planning, investment, and exposure do not have a long-lasting impression. On the other hand, if visitors want to get in-depth information about the solution or product after the trade fair, details would not be effectively documented, which means a lost potential transaction opportunity due to lack of information. Furthermore, the visitor must wait for a few months or even a year before another trade fair takes place. Variety does not help targeting: Trade events involve a display of a variety of innovative products and solutions which a segment of attendees like enthusiasts will enjoy. Enthusiasts help mostly with sharing content or recommending the experience and sales through this happens mostly after 2nd or 3rd degree connection. When it comes to attendees as potential customers, they are the direct sales opportunities and are only focused on a specific product or solution. For exhibitors, trade fairs are too diverse to target your niche customers and their specific expectations. Prospects find trade fairs exciting and visually appealing rather than being solution-oriented and effective. It is crucial for the customers to keep track of event dates, identify the appropriate trade fairs, recognize if suitable products or solutions are presented at the large environments of trade fairs.

High fees

The overall expenses of planning, designing, inviting, marketing, etc. add up fast. Conventional trade fairs have substantial risk on ROI. For an organization or an individual to become certified as Fair Trade, they must undergo a costly and rigorous examination period. All cost adds up to products in trade fairs making it expensive and resulting in big buyers not buying at trade fairs. Attendees are mostly also required to pay an entry fee to for a basis of revenue.

Digital Exhibition 365 days a year at GO2automation

GO2automation creates the opportunity to present automation solutions online for 365 days a year. Moreover, for presenting process solutions online, there is no fee for square feet. Hence, especially the small and medium sized system integrators win additional visibility for their automation knowledge. “Visitors” to the digital fair can browse around and find state-of-the-art solutions that inspire them for their own factories, according to their individual needs, and at their independently chosen time. They can search according to preference like processes, industries, products, partners, or locations and obtain validated industry solutions, brands, products, news, trainings, and other solution-oriented content. GO2automation provides AI powered matching of supply and demand, which ensures project and partner compatibility out of our database of 250+ GO2partners. With our newsfeed, visitors will be up to date with industry advancements. And eventually, it’s fun to use the new B2B portal.

What makes GO2automation unique?

  • 100% B2B focus
  • Customer-centric portal
  • AI based matching for individualexpectations
  • Easy & intuitive access to information
  • Search engine customization

GO2automation puts the “customer”, so the former visitor to an exhibition, to its core. Browse the globally growing database now and use the diverse measures to identify the ideal inspiration, products, solutions, and partners, for your individual expectations – any time, anywhere.

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