May 15, 2021 by Avishek Pradhan, Marketing Manager at GO2automation

The challenge in manufacturing automation


Global, complex supply chains increase the risk of international dependencies for manufacturing firms, especially for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Moreover, with continuous globalization, the local pricing pressure on production facilities grows. To enhance sustainability and retain relevancy in the competitive, dynamic, and cash-sensitive industry, manufacturers are embracing transformation. One of the main ingredients for long-term competitiveness is the use of digitalization as well as advancing automation technology as it brings a prominent level of productivity, accuracy, and consistency in the operational process of manufacturing.

Aside of the 55 bn Euro spent in manufacturing automation locally in Germany alone, Visual Capitalist Infographic analyzed, that also 55% of retail, management and logistics professionals have already invested in warehouse automation. Hence, it is evident that manufacturers and related supply chains pick up the importance of this trend. In this context, one big question arises: How to bring requirements oriented optimization and transformation into highly complex and individualized processes?

Automation … Is it worth transforming?

Evolving manufacturing sites and transforming supply chain processes require plan, committment, time, and entrepreneurial spirit. The major challenges in manufacturing automation are:


The challenge begins when manufacturers start to initiate transformation within their operations: Where to start and how to start efficiently? What can and what should be the scope of the first project, where are the highest potentials, what are major risks, etc.

Next, whom to ask and what to ask adds to the hindrances from getting an honest recommendation about any project. Additionally, the manufacturing industry as a whole, characterized by highly specialized, complex technologies, does not come along easy. It is hard to find clear perspectives, condensed evaluations and analysis of the state of the art solutions and products. There is no clear perspective onto technologies or solutions at use that meet individualized requirements to fit automation solutions. A lack of proper accessibility to state-of-the-art automation solutions, information, advice, and knowledge is stopping manufacturers from enhancing automation and accelerating transformation. Even if the manufacturers invest time and money, yet another challenge kicks: How to identify the suitable partner to optimize the desired key performance indicator? Searching for the exact solution providers who specialize in a similar field of expertise and verifying their credibility becomes tedious. Therefore, manufacturers can only find a few options to choose from and very limited information based on which they have to take their final decision. The broad majority of automation specialists are technology experts, however, most of the given manufacturing processes have been automated somewhere, so finding the exact partner with a suitable portfolio is key. Due to the lack of exposure and suitable communication channels, small expert companies are often overlooked. On top of that, budget planning, production, and personnel management during the transformation are required to ensure a smooth transition. All these factors reduce the linkeliness of manufacturers from taking steps towards an innovative future. But not anymore! There is a solution for all of the given challenges: GO2automation.

One stop solution for manufacturing automation

GO2automation empowers manufacturers to browse, find, and contact project partners based on a growing, global database - 100% free of charge. Not only can manufacturers search according to their individual requirements to get a perfect match, but they can also access validated information about their potential business partners. E.g. certifications, process specialization, publications, related partners, etc. The central news feed provides the latest industry news from, about, and related to all GO2partners, solutions, and technologies. With GO2automation, manufacturers will always be informed about the state-of-the art in the plant & engineering industry.

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